Better Leave Piggybacking to the Kids, at least the Wi-Fi kind

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Piggybacking, as in using an open Wi-Fi signal, just got serious. Sam Peterson, from Michigan, had a daily ritual which included stopping outside of the Union Street Cafe and using their Wi-Fi from his car to check his email and such.

This simple ritual, using an open internet connection which is meant to be used, aroused the suspicion of the obviously bored and not too tech-savy Police Chief, Andrew Milanowski.

The chief however did not cite Peterson immediately as he admitted he was not certain a crime was being committed. (must have been a slow day for actual police work)

Well, our under worked chief decided to do some research and found Peterson violated the, “Fraudulent access to computers, computer systems, and computer networks” law, a felony punishable by five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Peterson avoided jailtime but still got a $400 fine and 40 hours community service. Funny thing is, Donna May, the owner of the cafe and connection, was not even aware that what Peterson did was illegal. Seems pretty victim less to me, her being the proprietor.

Lynn Hopkins, the Kent County Assistant Prosecutor, also added, “This is the first time that we’ve actually charged it, we’d been hoping to dodge this bullet for a while.”

I personally hope this Police Chief sleeps well this night, knowing that he helped in punishing a hard core criminal. With cops like this, we can all sleep a bit better, NOT!

The source story is below.

Michigan man dodges prison in theft of Wi-Fi | Tech news blog – CNET


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