Chris Jurgenson:The Death of Internet Radio?

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The link below is to a great story and call to action from RfL favorite, blues guitarist master and teacher Chris Juergensen. You see, Internet radio is in deep danger. Changes to the way royalties are collected from internet radio will effectively damage if not destroy internet radio.

As a podcaster, I am aware that net radio is technically a competitor, but it is also a cousin in the digital music front. There is a simple way for internet radio to survive, follow podasting’s lead and feature the great wealth of independent music available, music like Chris Juergensen’s. But going to all independent music is not a “be all, end all” answer for net radio either. A lot of listeners are not ready to forgo the music they see as legitimate, the stuff on terrestrial radio. (yeah they are delusional, but we still hope they see the light, lol)

Chris’s piece is a great read, and a must act call to action if you believe that net radio should survive. My worry is this, if they find a way to stifle net radio, is podcasting next? Since we rely on the indie scene, we are pretty insulated, but still, where there is a will, there is a way.

Enjoy this article and act as needed!

Do Musicians Have Brains?: The Death of Internet Radio?

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