Fair Tax or the alternative? It really is this simple.

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This is from Boortz this morning. I have trouble figuring out how people don’t get this, how simple and more fair the Fair Tax is than the current system. Read this and decide for yourself.

Love Boortz or hate him, (I personally think he is alright), he is right about the tax system and how to reform the mess the politicians have made.

Here is his tale…


I have a little scenario I would like to paint for those of you out there who just insist on finding something wrong with the FairTax. Admittedly, the FairTax isn’t perfect. No tax plan is. How, after all, can you come up with a perfect way for a government to take its operating funds from its subjects? If you know an easier and more equitable way to do it, by all means, let me know!

I’m going to ask you to crank up your imagination for a moment here … and by “you,” I mean those of you who think that this FairTax thing is a bad idea and you’re not prepared to come on board.

I want you to imagine a scenario. Don’t worry about whether or not this scenario is possible .. Just accept it as I present it, and then consider the alternative picture I’m going to also present. Simple as that.

Let’s imagine that the FairTax is the law. We’ve been operating under the FairTax since the day you drew your first paycheck. It’s all you know. Here is your imaginary “reality.”

  • On every payday you get your complete paycheck. There are no deductions. If you earn $2,000 per week, you get a check for $4,000 every two weeks.
  • You never have to save receipts or create any records pertaining to federal taxes.
  • You can invest money without paying any taxes on it.
  • You don’t have to pay taxes on the money you earn through your investment portfolio.
  • You pay no taxes on any money you put in your savings account.
  • When you die you get to leave your entire estate, everything you own, to whomever you wish. The federal government will take no taxes from your estate. Your death is not a taxable event.
  • When you go to the store to buy an item, and the price tag says $19.99, you will had a $20 bill to the cashier and get one penny back. The price tag is the price.
  • There are four people in your household. You, your spouse and two rug rats. At the beginning of every month you get a check or a credit to your checking or charge card account in the amount of $506.00 to compensate you for the federal sales taxes that are included in the price of everything you buy; right up to the poverty level.

All in all .. not such a bad deal. You keep all of the money you earn and you get five hundred bucks a month from the feds. Plus .. you only pay taxes when you spend money.

Now .. .here comes some politician who has a grand scheme for a new tax system. He wants to explain it to you. Here’s his great idea ….. give him a listen and tell us what you think.

The plan is simple. First the federal sales tax is going to be removed from the price of everything you buy. This will mean that everything will cost 23% less than it does now. But … he’s going to levy an income tax on every single individual and business who plays any role at all in bringing those products to the marketplace. These people and companies are all going to pass the cost of these taxes down the economic line to the final consumer of the products they manufacture. These taxes will end up embedded into the prices of products in our retail marketplace, bringing those prices right up to the current level. So .. no loss, no gain.

Next your political benefactor is going to take away your $500 per month prebate from the government. In its place he’s going to tax every penny you earn. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from. Your salary, your investment income, winnings at the track … whatever you earn and however you earn it, it’s going to be taxed.

Wait! He’s not through. He’s also going to tax your wages for Social Security and Medicare. He’s going to try to soften the blow by telling you that your employer is going to match the taxes he takes out of your paycheck, but you’re employer has made it clear that this money is all going to come out of the money he has budgeted to hire you. You’ll probably lose out on your next raise while the boss his accounting in order.

There are some more nifty ideas in your congressman’s tax reform plan. When you die your family is going to have to file a complicated estate tax return. A huge amount of the wealth you have managed to build during your life is going to be sent to the government. Your survivors may well have to sell the family business in order to come up with the money to pay for these death taxes.

One more thing .. you’re going to have to keep records of all of your financial transactions. Every year you’re going to have to spend no less than about 30 hours or spend hundreds of dollars to hire someone to fill out tax forms for you. If mistakes are made you will be hit with a huge penalty and interest. Oh .. and the government is going to have access to all of your financial records to make sure that you are paying everything you “owe.”

The question, of course, is why does this politician want to change the tax system in this way? Power, that’s why. They want to be able to enact little changes to the tax code that will benefit certain constituents … which constituents will then benefit the politicians — with money or with votes. Under the FairTax system these politicians have no power to favor one group of voters over another for the benefit of votes. The new system would give them that power.

Your choice, my friends. If we had the FairTax now … would you be willing to make the switch?

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