Leave your "slurping" to "Slurpees", The Slurpr WiFi aggragator pre-orders for $1347

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Looking back at last week’s story of Sam Peterson, “Leave Piggybacking to the kids”, this item does not look like a great idea. I am sure many will still get their hands on it. Hell, it does look like fun (and I could use it here at the hotel right now).

What the hell am I talking about? The Slurpr WiFi Aggregator. Let’s check out what this bit of WiFi goodness, by Dutch geek Mark Hoekstra, can do.

It aggregates up to six 54Mbps WiFi channels into one “free” connection. This is probably, probably meaning “NOT”, a good idea. Now add 64/128-bit WEP-cracking, and you get the picture.

Hey, a guy has to have toys, right?

Check out the Engadget post below. They have info on ordering, alright! (for you that is, hehe)

The Slurpr WiFi aggregator promises “free” broadband — and jail time – Engadget


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