LEGOS, not just fun, but freakin useful as well!

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I am in North Carolina in an Embassy Suite hotel, wishing that hotel chains would finally realize just how much free in-room WiFi would help to attract customers. $9.99 for 24 hours is a bit much, with the price of the room and hotel food mixed in. Arghghgh!

Anyway, I have been away from blogging for a bit due to traveling and decided to get back with something a bit fun. the Makezine blog has put up a post on a useful job for Lego’s building blocks. I like this idea, a Lego’s key rack. They also added that this could be a great DIY project. I agree!

Check out the post and the pic at the Make: Blog by clicking the url below.

I will check in later with more compelling (or not) material.
MAKE: Blog: LEGO Key rack


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