RfL 5-21-07 Rock Mix Monday #318

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We have new tunes from Miles Partridge, and not just his solo stuff. In addition to two new Miles P. songs, we have two new tunes from his Hipslack:Acoustic Anarchy project with MC Squared. Great stuff! We also have a tune from Royal Court member Vanton and a tune from Bruce C., the CEO of Podcaster Who's Who and Hot Web Ideas!


In addition, we have news straight from Anji Bee on the upcoming edition of Unwind, and we take a look back at entertainment history.




Music on the show

Hipslack:Acoustic Anarchy–Sunshine and Devil

Miles Partridge-Till Tomorrow and Already Over

Vanton-Orchard of Mines

Bruce C.–Long Way To Go



Check out Anji Bee and her new castUnwind brought to us by Tylenol PM



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