RfL 5-23-07 Wednesday Coffee House #319

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We explore smooth groove oriented and jazz tunes today on the coffee house.

In the idiots segment, we find some funloving but forgetful Germans. We take our regular look back at entertainment history. We talk about Tom and Rosie's asses, and some YooHoo (ick alert) Also, we catch you up on the latest on our move to NC.



Music on the Show

Aux and Big mike–Beaker

Kellylee Evans–How can you get along without me?

Kelly Goodlad–January

Karmyn Tyler–Drifting

Brian McRae–Keystone

Marilyn Scott–Round and Round

Rachel Pearl–Love Extravagantly

The Lacivious Biddies–Betty


Check out Unwind hosted by Anji Bee! Brought to us by Tylenol PM

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