Since I am on a sort of vacation, here are some Engadget goodies from today

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HTC has a press conference and major announcment this coming Tuesday, June 5th. Well, Engadget muses that this announcement just may be a multi-touch device that could take some wind out of the iPhone.

Engadget’s take below

Is HTC’s “major announcement” a multi-touch device?

Engadget keeps the reporting going with the announcement of Apple TV now with a 160 GB hardrive and YouTube.

Check out the details below.

Apple TV gets 160GB disk… and YouTube too

Scared of leaving a paper trail, but too broke, (or cheap), to get a shredder to cover your tracks? Fear no more, here comes the self-server, pay as you go, shredder kiosk. This could be almost as useful as an emergency condom kiosk, but without the added element of fun.

Here is what the Engadget peeps think about it, below.

Self-Service Shredder kiosk enables pay-per-use shredding

There you go. Now, even though I am on a vacation of sorts, I think that is enough of pimping Engadget for the day.

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