Swing that Phone!

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Well, the Japanese have done it again. DoCoMo is offering a new mobile phone that features wii like game play. This sounds pretty interesting, but my question is this, how do you see what you are doing on the screen if you are swinging the phone like a tennis racket or throwing a punch?

Still, I would like to see this in the U.S. market. But then again, I would also like to own a starship, and starships may be available sooner than these phones. OH well.

DoCoMo’s new phones offer motion-sensing game play | Technology | Reuters

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  1. Faith

    That phone sounds kind of cool. I just don’t want to be sitting next to someone on the train that is playing a game….it may turn out to be a smack down!

  2. Eban Crawford

    Smackdowns make the world go round! Just ask Vince McDaddy of the WWE!

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