The First Rule of FightClub is… Geeks love slapfights!

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Geeks love role-playing, believe the force is real, want to go on an actual quest with Gandalf, know what every button on the Enterprise does (even better than my idol Shatner), and now it seems they love to smack each other around.

Wait, most of those other things come from games or fiction, where does beating each other up come from? Well, fiction. More specifically Chuck Palahniuk and his creation, Fight Club.

The bay area geeks have started these clubs to blow off steam, but don’t follow all the specifics of the book and movie. They wear protection for one, and are not allowed to humiliate their foe.

Shit, where is the fun in that?

Check out the news story below. Now I gotta go find someone to smack around, IAM STRESSED OUT! Podcasting Reaching for Lucidity for Podshow and running a web business is hard. (Wait, am I a geek?)

WRCB TV – Channel 3 – Chattanooga, Tennessee


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