The 5 podcast hump (from podcast pickle)

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In an article from the Podcast Pickle news, it seems that the magic number for podcasts is 6. What I mean is, podcasts that make it to six seem to go on with more episodes, while a great number of faded casts stopped at 5.

Recently, Gary Leland, that is P.Dilly, the main man at the Pickle did a housecleaning of sorts. He removed thousands of dead casts from the Pickle directory, (45% of listed shows to be exact). He noticed the trend that 5 was the number that the failed casts had in common.

So, if you want to be a podcaster, shoot for a fun show, not just 6 episodes, and you should be on your way. Hell, by epispode #6, most still don’t know what the hell is going on, (I didn’t). Give it time folks. Take it from me, with 343 episodes under my belt, (320 RFL and 23RfLquickjabs), I know what it takes to go long.

The story is below.

Podcast Pickle


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