I have moved!

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I have moved, both literally and figuratively. I am now living in North Carolina. This is why I have been missing in action for some time.

I have also moved on the web, to my new 3Currencies site. I have taken all of my web businesses and moved them under one site. I am making 3C’s a place for a community to come together based on bringing balance into life. Money, time, and freedom of choice are the 3C’s that we are balancing.

I am using the site to show others what I have learned about using web business to enrich all areas of life. Using web based affiliate marketing and retail as a base, I have been able to balance out my 3C’s and hope that I can help others to do the same.

I am still going to post here, once I am back up to speed. But Reaching for Lucidity and 3C’s are my main projects right now.

Have a great fourth of July!

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