RfL 7-27-07 The Juggernaut Hard Rock and Metal Friday #326

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It is Friday and we are going to kick off this weekend correctly! The best part about Friday here at the podquarters? The great metal!

In addition to the tunes, in the idiots segment, we talk prison, pc hiring rules, and masturbation. How eclectic is that? We then take our regular look back at entertainment history in the a moment in history segment.



Music on the show

Atomic Brother–Piece of My

Corvo–Vin Mariani

Rising Conviction–For Your Son

Dragon Lord–Revelations

darque carnival–Down Driven

Where She Wept–Sand and Mercury


One of life’s great pleasures! Treat yourself to some terrific coffee delivered straight to your door. Ashley & Cooper gets the 3Currencies and Rfl stamp of approval.


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