RfL 7-6-07 The Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal Friday

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The Juggernaut is here and getting you ready for the weekend! Wehave big tunes today, and even a podsafe suprise.

We have a couple of idiots stories in the Idiots All Around Us segment today. Check out one of the stories, and the picture I mention on the show, right here. he he!

A lot of entertainment folks were born today, and thuse we have a huge Moment in History segment. Lot's to get through.

And then there is the tunes. We have a suprise today. One of the biggest acts of the 90's has gone podsafe and loaded two songs to the network. Like I said, big music!



Music on the show

Christopher–Death is Sexy

All That Remains–The Air That I Breathe

iscintilla–Salt of Stones


Ministry–Yellow Cake-Heasflouride and Lies Lies Lies-Cognitive Dissonance Mix

God Forbid–Antihero

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