My Freakin Uterus!

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Actually, being male, I have no uterus. On top of that, being straight, not a cross dresser, and do not intend to have children, I have no uterus envy. I just figured a nonsense title was fitting today.

I just, as of 3:30 Eastern, got RfL show number 332 out. Vegas kept crashing on me. I finally figured out that a song file I was using for the show was corrupt. Oh well, 3 restarts is not bad, compared to the early days of the podcast.

I have several articles due today, as well as some research to do, but being as I am so far behind and just a bit hung over, I don’t see that work getting finished today. Well, that “IS” why they make that crazy thing called tomorrow, right?

Now, here is some reading to keep you occupied…

Cool Hunting is spotlighting frozen yogurt for dogs. hmmmm. Yeah, I thought so too.

Slashdot is musing on the crisis of those in rural areas not having access to broadband. Not really a crisis as they call it, Just Move Out Of The Sticks!

And, lastly, Robert Scoble has posted the 8 ways to be his online friend or enemy. I now he has detractors, and sometimes seems a bit overly excitable, but I can’t help but like Scoble. I should have tried to meet him when I lived in Burlingame. Oh well, you win some and you lose some, and sometimes you don’t get to meet Scoble.

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