RfL 8-2-07 Rock Mix Thursday #328

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We have a driving rock mix today featuring all first time songs on RfL. The music is from all over the globe as well, at least Switzerland and the U.S., that is.

We also do something we haven't done in a while, spreading the love to other podcasts. Check out the mentioned shows.

In the idiots segment, we may have now come across the most pathetic attempt yet. All this and we still get into useless facts and entertainment history.


Podcasts to check out

Atomic Suburbia

Suffering from Sanity

The Unharshed Mellow


The Scene Zine

PMC Top 10 Countdown

The Pacific Coast Hellway

Music on the show









Brady Bastards–Dirty Glasses

brady bastards








pacific coast hellway–vote for us or you suck


Stripwired–Another Shot








Fucking Beautiful–Here Comes the Pain Again

fucking beautiful







Gatja–Resilient Butterfly








The Erotics–Don'Make Me Make You

the erotics








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  1. Hey!

    Thanks SO MUCH for playing our little song on your podcast. We REALLY appreciate it!!

    Darrell Brady
    Brady Bastards

  2. Once again you flatter me way beyond anything my little show and I deserve. Thank you again for the plug on #328.

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