RfL 8-28-07 Indie and Alternative Tuesday #332 Surf Special

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We have a theme today, and that theme is "Surf Music!" Surf music just helps me to focus, and we need a lot of that here these days. 😉

Also, we look back at entertainment history and take a look at the news and current events affecting us now, in our own way of course.


Podcasts Mentioned

Atomic Suburbia Podcast by Daryl Cognito and Kuma the Wonderdog


I have ReachingforLucidity.com back!


Music on the show

B-Sea Surfers–Skunks meet Russians


Get Three Coffins Ready–Phantom Surf Party–Time Paradox

The Gremmies–Shark! and That Voodoo Moon

LeJeune–Replaced By Robots


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