iPhone and the Price Drop, The Story That Refuses to End

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Here we are, another week, and the effects of the iPhone price drop are still with us, so say some. Jobs has already made nice with the $100 store credit that will put more money into the Apple coffers from the early adopters.

So what is the big deal? Well, some early adopters are evidently still a bit upset. On this, I am taking the word of others, as everyone I know with an iPhone has either gotten over it, never really cared in the first place, or is keeping quiet about their rage.

Here are two more takes on the iPhone dealio, or whatever trumped up monicker you want to put to the non-issue. (and yes I wrote it, non-issue)

First up we have a Freakonomics view on the situation.
Steven D. Levitt’s take on the iPhone

Then, Bob Cringely gives his take, and it is a different view completely. As a matter of fact, if Cringely’s view is correct, then Levitt’s post is a bit naive.

This is an interesting read as Cringely has known Jobs, and Gates for that matter, from back before they were “THE” Jobs and Gates. They were merely Steve and Bill, a couple of geeks with dreams. (I wish my dreams ended up like theirs, he he)

I find that I can follow Cringely’s view, although I know not many will agree. I did not think of it in his way at first, but I am swayed a bit by his writing. Still undecided actually. But, the question is valid, are the Apple loyalists on the end of Jobs’ strings?
I Cringely on the iPhone


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