New ‘Tron’ looks like a done deal

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Joseph Kosinski is in final negotiations to develop, and take the director reigns for the new Disney Tron sequel. Kosinski is also tagged for the remake of Logan’s Run.

I for one hope that Kosinski has the goods to get these two films right. I loved the originals, and both are still in my favorites category.

For Logan’s Run, I don’t think the challenge will be too hard. I think the original story still resonates to this day, maybe even more so today. We have a youth centered, if not youth worshiping, culture. Look at the insane amounts spent on botox, plastic surgery and the like. Right now we have a culture that wants to perpetually be 30 or under, so a movie about mandatory euthanasia at 30 really could make the world think a bit. If done right, that is.

Tron is a harder sell for me. When the original was made in 1982, we were at the beginning of the personal computer movement. The Commodore 64 was introduced, Sun was incorporated with four employees, Adobe was founded, and so on. Hell, it was a year before the Apple IIe was introduced and Paul Allen was still at Microsoft. People were still in awe of these mysterious devices.

Tron was the first movie to use computer graphics. It was ahead of it’s time. People were in awe, at least a bit.

Fast forward today. Grandmothers now use email. Social networks rule the day. Kids that spend their lives online may not even know what MS-DOS is, or was. You don’t have to have any specific knowledge of how any part of a computer works to use a computer in almost every task of the day.

Further, where Tron set new standards for computers and special effects in movies, we now have weekly TV episodes that use computer graphics. As a matter of fact, we have whole movies made just with computers.

This is why I am a bit skeptical that a new version of Tron will resonate. Where the original played on the fact that most people were in awe of computers, and what computers would become, today, the devices are innocuous parts of our life.

No longer is there a mystery surrounding these “once upon a time” devices of the future.

The new Tron would have to offer something not yet thought of, or stretch an already known concept to new heights to be able to catch the spirit of the original.

A man getting sucked into a computer system and forced to play life and death versions of the programs he created just won’t cut it anymore. I guess we will have to wait and see.

More of the story in the link below.

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4 Responses

  1. Bryce Moore, A Bite of Sanity

    I’m really scared that they are going to butcher them both, like many Hollywood remakes. The churn coming from the established studios just makes me disgusted with the whole movie experience anymore.

  2. Eban Crawford

    I am with you Bryce. I feel that there is a better chance to make a good movie with Logan’s Run that Tron, but i don’t hold out much hope for either.

    I would, however, like to be pleasantly surprised for once and be proven wrong on this one.

    You can hope, eh?

  3. I have a deep love for the original Logans Run movie and I do hope they don’t screw it up. Tron is a moment in time movie and I’m not sure anything more can be done with it. Like doing a remake of “War Games” would be lame too. If you haven’t already, make sure you see Gattaca. Great movie.

  4. Eban Crawford

    Hi David,

    Yeah, it would take a true visionary to do something with Tron. These days, there are not many people that fit the mold of visionary in Hollywood.

    My guess, a formula type action flick set in a computer with some odd AI type of story. Not a good bet.

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