Nokia makes Overture to iPhone Early Adopters

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Well, you know it had to happen. People were warning about it from the start. It is not like Apple has not in the past made their own products obsolete or changed course soon after product launches.

Well, they have done it again. People who just recently waited in lines, sometimes camping out, to get their hands on the new and revolutionary iPhone, now have to deal with the fact that they paid $200 more than someone who buys the same phone today. Classic Apple. Funny thing is, after watching Twitter yesterday, people are lining up for more abuse from Apple, go figure.

To make things worse, at least a bit, Apple launched the iPod Touch. This is almost an iPhone without the phone. Several people on Twitter lamented that this product is more appealing to them than the iPhone, but they are stuck.

Hand it to Steve Jobs. He can screw people over and over and their loyalty to his brand never waivers. It is like some form of crazy tech voodoo. Bill Gates is raked over the coals for every little glitch in his products, even by PC and Microsoft loyalists.

I wish I had Steve Jobs’ mojo, I could really use it!

Nokia, never a company to miss a golden opportunity, is getting into the fray by courting iPhone early adopters with their MOSH mobile social network. Way to get into the mix Nokia!

More on the story below from TechCrunch.

Nokia Marketing Team Reaches Out To Angry iPhone Users

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