Opera 9.5 is the fastest browser in the land

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Slashdot is reporting the Opera 9.5 browser is 50% faster than Firefox and 100% faster than IE on Vista. This is good news for Opera.

I do have a few problems with Opera however, at least with the last build. (I have not tried 9.5) I found that Opera had trouble with some website content. When I go to a site, I want my browser to give me access to all the features, whether it be multimedia, java, whatever. I need to give 9.5 a spin and see if it has improved.

Still, 100% faster than IE, and 50% faster than Firefox is impressive. Thing is, on a fast connection, are we talking an extremely noticeable difference?

I will try out 9.5 for kicks, but I think I will stay with Firefox. I have hacked Firefox to make it faster anyway. I may post that hack later.

Slashdot story below.

Slashdot | Opera 9.5 Beats Firefox and IE7 as Fastest Browser

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