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When is the next show?

As anyone can clearly tell, things have slowed down here a lot. Don’t worry, this is not a “Show Is Over” announcement. I still love putting together Rfl, and will continue. Lets just say that my motivation has been a little off lately.

I need to figure out the “why” I do this part of the equation. To say the least, podcasting has not gone in the directions I, or several others had envisioned and hoped it would. That being said, I still think podcasting has a great future, the model just needs to be tweaked.

So, to sum up, I am just having a bit of a podcasting identity crisis. The show is very work intensive, and besides the check from Podshow and my own satisfaction, I have not received much more from Podcasting. I know that may sound harsh, but it is the reality I am living now.

I do look forward to the next show, tomorrow’s Juggernaut!

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