RfL 2.0 is starting on Wednesday Sept 25th!

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OK, Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 is on tomorrow. What can you expect? A more streamlined show, still with great music, and a running diary of the production of Reaching for Lucidity, the Animated Adventures.

I hope that everyone likes the new show. Now that I am looking at how things are going to go, the change may not be as drastic as I originally thought. The biggest change, where the drastic part comes in, is on the production side. the show will be much easier to get out, which is big for me.

Also, another change that has actually been happening over the last few episodes. I am going to go for an all audiences format. I will steer clear of things considered “Adult”. As I mentioned, this has been happening gradually, in an organic manner, over the last bunch of shows. I am not going to censor SJ and myself, I am just not going to purposely add the angle in anymore. I want to promote the hell out of the upcoming animated show and promote the hell out of the great music. I am not a “shock jock”, no matter how hard I try. (funny, I was not actually trying to be a “shock jock” in the first place)

Gone from the show will be the idiots segment, and the bitchslap. I also may give some birthdays here and there, but the entertainment history portion will be gone, or at least much less a part of the show.

Well, it is safe to say that 2.0 will evolve as the vision of the show will gel as we go along. But, it has to start somewhere.

See you all tomorrow!

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