Sprint and the new 4th Quarter Lineup. I like these phones!

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OK, it looks like we have a view of Sprint’s next lineup of phones, and the lineup looks good. I am in the market to upgrade my current fusic, so this is double good for me.

Hey, there even looks to be a touch screen to possibly take on the mighty iPhone. That is cool. Why wait for generation 2?

Here is the leaked lineup.

The Touch by HTC

*Full Touch Screen Technology
*Access to business and consumer email
*Truly wireless with quick over the air downloads and bluetooth support
*Sprint Music Store and Sprint TV running on Sprint’s high speed EVDO network

Palm Centro

*Slimmest Palm OS Style with internal antenna
*Full Keyboard and Touch Screen Navigation
*Sprint On-Demand, Music, And TV

Rumor by LG

*Messaging focused, Easy to use, sliding keyboard + one touch messaging access
*Easy access to social networks such as Facebook and Myspace
*SMS, email, and Messaging
*High capacity card slot for expansion of memory

Blackberry Pearl 8130

*For customers wanting the capabilities of a Blackberry smartphone in a compact package
*Commercial and personal email
*Sprint TV and Music Store over Sprint’s high speed EVDO network
*Quick over the air downloads and stereo blutooth

Well, there you have it. I am looking at the touch myself.


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