Taser Bro! Hey Being Annoying Does Not Always Pay

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Ok, by now you should all know of the University of Florida student that was tased, or tasered, or whatever, at a John Kerry Townhall type of event. Well, I have no love of John Kerry, none at all, but this is nuts. To all the people making this out to be a freedom of speech issue, get over yourselves.

Now, this is not to say that I believe the police did nothing wrong. I am saying that the kid that started this was an absolute idiot. I am also saying there is wrong on both sides here.

This was, by all indications, a mediated type of event. People were lined up and had a shot at asking a question, just one by most accounts of attendees that have spoken out.

So add to the mix the last kid in line, a kid that just happens to want to make a point.

Well, he stepped over the line. Plain and simple. It is not left or right, conservative or liberal. Had he been shut down due to the nature of his question, that would be a freedom of speech issue. He, on the other hand, did not follow the same rules that others had to follow and decided to make a spectacle out of the event. See, Plain and Simple.

At this point, the kid is asking for what comes next in our tale. The police are called and his microphone is cut.

Here is an important point to consider, a point you should have learned by the time you get to college. When the police tell you to cease your actions and remove yourself from a location, the point is non-negotiable, period. It may seem wrong, especially if you are, in your mind, just making a statement. But that is not how it works in the real world. If you are wronged by the police, you take it up after the fact with a lawyer, not by standing up to the cops and continuing your course of action. At the point the cops told him to cease, he was facing being charged with resisting arrest.

The officers, six of them tried to physically remove him. The kid kept shouting and resisting. The officers then decided to apprehend him. Six trained officers, one idiot kid out to make a point.

Things by this point are a little tense and out of control. But, at the time when the kid gets shock treatment, he is on the ground with all but one of the cops on top of him. He is screaming like a maniac, but he is subdued. He then starts to beg not to be shocked. They shock him anyway.

I am no expert on police procedure, in any way or form. With that admission out of the way, let’s move on. This kid was acting like a maniac, but I never saw him get violent. There were six trained officers to this one moron. The kid was effectively on the ground being cuffed, or already cuffed, and then he gets shocked. That part of the incident does not seem very correct to me.

A taser is a weapon, just as a baton or a gun, and has valid uses. A taser is also a torture device. If you do not believe me on this point, let someone stun you.

I just find it hard to believe that kid was still a threat at the point he was stunned. I take that back, I don’t see any evidence he was a threat at all. He was completely annoying, but a threat? Plus, the cops had him under control. He was still being annoying, but annoying from a completely powerless position.

Since I do not know police procedure, I will leave it at that. This incident just feels wrong.

At least this idiot may think twice about not obeying a direct order from the police from now on. Something tells me he is not done being annoying, so he may get another chance one day.

Video is below.

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