The End of RfL as We Know It

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Monday marks a big day in the mythology of RfL. It is the day that I kill the show, at least in it’s current form. I have fallen out of love for doing this show. It is no longer fun for me.

But, and there is always a but with me, Monday also marks the dawn of a new RfL format. More conversational, more streamlined and easy to produce, still with great tunes, but now the podcast will be a diary of sorts. The podcast will now be the official diary of the making of the animated series.

I have to shake things up. RfL has become stale, and so Have SJ and I 😉 The only question I have about animated show, two questions actually, are do I put it out as a podcast or not, and do I film it as regular 2D animation or do I put it out as 3D animation.

I will be putting those questions out there for you guys to help me answer. If I do it as a podcast, it will be short episodes obviously. However, if I put it out as something different…well.

Here is the thing, I am on the verge of making “The RfL Movie”, a feature length movie in animation that will expand the mythology of Reaching for Lucidity.

I know that I have written this post a bit scatter brained, but I hope I am getting my main point across.

RfL, the podcast is changing bigtime. Monday I start to re-do everything. Hopefully the new episodes start by mid-week. I will no longer have a set schedule, but will still use the cast to keep bringing great music to your ears. Also, I will be picking your brains to help me make this a great production. (also, doing a diary will keep me honest and on track, and I obviously need that) I even may be bringing on a new partner for the animated show, if I go the movie route that is.

For the first time in a while, I am excited about RfL again!

Wish me luck, and by all means, stick around. (Hell, it would really help if you could get the word out too, please) I will be posting short video plugs for the show soon.

This truly is RfL 2.0 and I am sure it will be way better than the show has been recently.



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  1. Well, my friend, I understand completely how you got to where you are today. My subscription to the RFL feed will stay on, however. I look forward to the rebirth of RFL into its new form.

  2. Well I do wish you luck, and of course I will stay subscribed and look forward to what ever comes down the feed. But it is sad to see yet another great music podcast fade away. Hey, give Elway a pat from me.

  3. Well, rest easy Daryl, the music is staying. The only survivor of the old show. I will not however be limiting myself to certain styles as the schedule is now. One of the things that was taking the fun away was the sheer amount of tunes in so many styles that I had to go through to get my shows done. Now, the music will just be the best I can find.

    Bryce, yeah, we talked a bit about this. I was trying to keep things going as is, but my heart was in other places for a while. With all the time I was putting into each episode plus my other activities, I was not progressing. Now, I will get to move RfL into new areas, like I have been trying to do for a while now.

  4. Its is Eban that we love so no matter how you do it, we want you to podcast!! Looking forward to the new format….

  5. Well, you’ve been an inspiration, and whatever direction you choose to take, personally, professionally or a mix of the two, I whole-heartedly support it and offer whatever help you need….

    Best wishes

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