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The PsycHo free blog template generator

I like this page, a lot. I have to admit that I have as yet not tried it, but I will when I get 5 free minutes.

This is a blog template creator that uses drop down menus for each of the blog sections. As you work the sections, you get an idea of what your finished blog will look like. You can change colors, fonts, add pics, all from the menu.

This is a great idea! It appears that you can state which blogging platform you use so the CSS is customized to that particular platform.

I hope this really works. If you want a nice, custom blog appearance, but don’t have the time or the skill to mess with CSS, this could be right up your alley.

Once I get a chance to play with this, I will post about the experience. No guarantee when that will be, however.

Click below to visit the page.

[PsycHo] PsycHo: Free Template Generator

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