What a busy day!

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Wow, It is already 4:23 pm est here in Raleigh. Where the hell has the day gone? I have been really busy with some writing projects that I had to get finished today, or else.

Sorry I have not been around the blog too much today, keeping up on all the latest and greatest. It has been a productive day, just not here on the blog.

I do have to say one thing that has me bothered. My last post, the one on the mega gadget keyboard thingy, well, it pissed me off.

I put up that post because I thought that was one hell of a cool device, and it is actually. One thing you may have noticed, however, is that there is no link to the company website, Fairlight. There is a good reason for that. I think Fairlight sucks ass.

I went to the company website to check out all of the data available on the keyboard and got a message that my version of flash was not the latest, and I would have to upgrade to see their wonderful, gift to the online world, website.

Well, fuck that! I can’t believe that a company that is going to charge $28,000 for a keyboard, even one as nice as that, does not understand basic web etiquette and business practices.

Anyone that has been on the web for a while, especially those of us that make our living right here online, know that websites need to be “compatible” and “content rich”. Simple words, right? Let me break it down.

At one time, the web was all about the bells and whistles on a site. The thing is, at that time, most of us were on dial-up, so out sites never got viewed as it took decades to load pages. All those animated Gifs were so cool, but cumbersome. So, we realized that content, real content is what was key.

Content, that was what it was all about, not the “POP” and “WOW” factor (yeah, I know, animated gifs were neither pop nor wow). That was the first lesson that got drilled into our heads. The mantra, “Look at Amazon”, became a war cry, thanks to Web Pages that Suck, for those wanting successful e-commerce and business landing pages.

Then came the next lesson. Compatibility. With Internet Explorer being challenged by Netscape, then Mozilla, Then Opera, Then whatever, webmasters ran into the reality that websites had to be designed to the lowest common denominator. We did not always want to do this, but in the off chance that your site looked funky from one browser to another, you had to deal with it. Compatibility also means designing to the equipment and utilities most common in the marketplace.

Just because you want the latest bells and whistles site with the most up to date flash technology, well, that doesn’t mean squat in real world terms.

Fairlight does not get this. They offer a $28,000 keyboard, and then build a site that one has to jump through hoops to get to.

To be honest, I upgraded my flash, but I did not go back to the site. I really don’t care what their fun little movie or flash utility was. If they needed to have the utility there, then why not offer a chance to skip it or visit a simple HTML version?

Who knows if their content was up to snuff? Not me, they lost me. Not that I was going to buy the keyboard, but I would have checked out their other offerings as well. Hell, I am always looking for new gadgets to add to my studio.

Content and compatibility, I guess it is not that simple after all.

See everyone tomorrow.


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