Xynergi Programable Controller from Fairlight

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Talk about gadgets! Here is the $28,000 “keyboard” from Fairlight.

Now, before you decide that is way too much for a keyboard, well, this is not really a keyboard in the strictest sense. This is a programmable controller for media professionals. But, it can be integrated with all your favorite apps as well!

It comes with Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine for the aforementioned media professionals. This is a very powerful gadget to say the least.

Well, even though I do produce media professionally with the Reaching for Lucidity podcast for Podshow, I really don’t think I would have use for this unless I had a spare $28,000 to blow. Don’t we all wish we had that?

But, as with the new Lamborghini yesterday, it is always nice to dream. Hell, if you believe that “The Secret” stuff, that is all you need to own this, to want it that is, he he.

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Fairlight’s $28,000 XYNERGI keyboard makes Optimus look Minimus – Engadget

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