You do not want socialized medicine, trust me

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I lived in England for three years, my stay ending just this past November. While living in Merry ole’ England, I saw, and experienced, the wonderful health care system they had in place. (Just in case you missed it, the thick substance on your shoulder is the dripping sarcasm of that last sentence)

Believe it or not, I found out the horrors of the system just as the system was saving my wife’s life. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true.

Faith had a very large, undiagnosed, ovarian cyst. The very large and toxic cyst twisted and she was in immediate and agonizing pain. We rushed her to the hospital, she was diagnosed as being in immediate danger should it rupture, and she had surgery in 24 hours.

The point in this case was “IMMEDIATE” danger.

What happens to those not in “IMMEDIATE” danger? Well that story is not as nice and pretty.

I heard many of stories from those in my town, which was Littlehampton, after Faith’s brush with mortality. Some of course were hyperbole, but many started to have a very disturbing, and similar, ring to them.

I could relay some of these to you, but the story at World Net Daily today of a man denied surgery after breaking his ankle is pretty moving.

You think you want Hillary Care? Really, you don’t, you just don’t know it yet. Please don’t take a wait and see on this one. It might be too late once you see.

I do have to admit one thing before turning you over to WND. The hero of this tale is a moron. Any person with any brains and will power, or hell, just survival instinct, would have quit smoking. The guy in this tale is pretty pathetic. Read the story to see what I mean.

Oh, one more thing, don’t ever get me started on the British dental system. Just don’t go there.

WorldNetDaily: What socialized medicine is really like

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