Amazon wants to share what through Gmail? Holy bad abbreviations Batman!

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So I get up this morning and check my email on my phone. I was not expecting this offer from Amazon!


Ok, that is not really an offer, just a very unfortunate case of abbreviation, but still, lol.

One question, how is your brand doing today? Keep that on your mind!


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  1. Oblivion

    I’d be really curious about the delivery method and overall product freshness.

    BTW, thanks for this jog down memory lane back to 5th grade and spelling ‘naughty’ words on an upside-down calculator. “Hehe, LOOK, it says ASS!”


  2. Eban Crawford

    Yeah, delivery would be an issue. would the product be organic or filled with preservatives to maintain that fresh, hopefully rosy smell?

    Then, what would be the method of tapping said product?

    The mind reels at the possibilities;-)

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