Back to Business

Ok, Family left this morning, so now I can get back to business as usual. I will probably update here later today and also get a show out.

The show today will be smooth tunes to keep a nice mellow atmosphere. I need mellow after a family visit.

I went to a horse show. You gotta love family visits. “Me” at a horse show, lol. I was surrounded by cowboy types and people dressed in the shiniest, most sequined, hideous examples of western wear. I can’t believe people make fun of goths, punks, and emo kids and give these cowboy types a pass. (scratch emo kids, they need to be subjects of derision)

And then there was the actual horse show. Nobody rode a horse, no rodeo stuff, not even tricks or jumps. They just brought in the horses, lined them up, then gave out ribbons. Over and over again this went on. Mind numbing? I stayed on the internet with my Sprint Fusic phone and surfed.

I am still completely on with the Pirate idea. I am continually thinking about ways to dominate the world of MSM. (MSM=Mainstream Media)

If you have any ideas, shoot some my way.

Now, off to the office. Well not really as I am already there. I guess it is, stay in the office! That just does not sound action-y enough. (I know, action-y, it is my Monday, cut me some slack, lol)

One more thing, I am digging Chris Brogan’s blog lately. I have been subscribed for some time, but lately it is as he is talking to me and where my mind is at right now. If you are not subscribed to Chris Brogan’s blog get over there now and get caught up. You will not be disappointed.

Now, as the Australian sheep herder guy in the movie Sirens says, “Sees Ja Lata”

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