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I have a lot on my mind today. You could say that I am a bit scattered, but that would not be entirely accurate. It is more a case that I have my hands in a lot of fires.

Now I am not complaining, mind you. I am just wondering which of the fires I should be tending, and which I should let naturally extinguish.

On podcasting.

Well, the Expo is over. There was a lot of talk about where New Media is going, how to monetize, and so on. All this makes me wonder where I fit in. I am no “Rockstar”, a moniker being thrown around wily-nilly these days.

Some people that listen to my show , or point out that I am signed to the Podshow stable of podcasts, would say that I am. Thing is, after reading Justin’s latest over at Cafe Witness , I realize I really am not. Good thing is, I never thought I was. As he puts it, “If the Sandwich Artist at your local Subway doesn’t know who “___” is, that person is not a rockstar.” He is right about that.

(With that out of the way, I “AM” re-launching Reaching for Lucidity #335 tomorrow in the 2.0 version. So to get the self-promotion out of the way, check it out as it will change your life! Or, something to that effect, maybe not life, but at least your afternoon.)

OK, back on track. So I am probably lower on the food chain in the New Media world than I would like to be. No sweat. Hey, at least I get a check, many, hell, most don’t.

On Social Media.

Social media is a bit different for me. Web 2.0, my mind has been all over this topic recently, and I have been using social media like a madman. I am even working on a presentation as I write this (not really “while” mind you) about businesses and corporations missing out on the plus side of social networks and web 2.0.

I am very much a crusader on this, but is it worth it? Again, I am no rockstar. Chris Brogan I am not. So, when finished, will I be giving this talk to corporate honchos, or will it be people attending the talk at the local adult education classes or library? Should I care? Should I let that flame go out?

Then there is the internet marketing. Much different than the web 2.0 marketing I always talk about. This is pure business, and although I do publish articles regularly and use services such as to get my products across, it has very little to do with social networking or web 2.0 or new media.

The questions on my mind here are along the lines of whether I should give this up and focus my efforts towards my other endeavors. Should I take a financial hit now and focus on building elsewhere?

Or, should I stop over-thinking everything and just keep going?

Maybe that is it, maybe I am just over-thinking things today. I guess we will see.

P.S. Don’t even get me started on the internet movie competition I came up with in a dream last night and have been Twittering about all day. Just don’t go there, yet. One more thing to add to the soup that is my mind.



4 thoughts on “My Web 2.0 World”

  1. Looking at this is a VERY important point. There’s a lot out there that clouds our mind on day to day moments.

    Get away from your media for a moment. Look at the WHOLE THING and answer some questions:

    1.) Is this a business?
    2.) Is this social communication instead of a business?
    3.) Does it add to your brand?

    That’s all I’m thinking about right now.

  2. I’d also offer this advice: if you never became a “rockstar,” would you consider the time you’ve spent on your show to be “wasted”?

    I make strong statements because I want people to think, not quit. (Not necessarily, anyway.)

    If you decide that your podcast needs to be changed, or you need to go in a different direction, or that you’re quite happy with what you’re doing, any of those actions is fine as long as it’s the right choice FOR YOU.

  3. Hey Chris and Justin, thanks for the comments! I do appreciate it.

    I do think that I mis-typed my actual intentions though. The show and my online life is what I am keeping on with. It is the internet marketing I am considering kicking to the curb.

    I have been internet, or affiliate marketing for some time, but I try to keep that seperate from my show and blogging. To a lot of people, it equates “sleazy”. Even though marketing products is not, I did not want the practice to hurt my show.

    that is what has worn me down. On one hand being sort of known and somewhat respected for my show and to a lesser degree, my blog, and on the other hand hiding the fact of my other internet activities.

    Chris’ take recently on transparency had an effect on me, and due to the separation, I have not been too transparent recently.

    Again, thanks for the comments. It helped me flesh out my ideas a bit more, which is good.

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