Podshow coup! Adam Curry gets Interview With Ron Paul on Daily Source Code Podcast

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Don’t miss the Wednesday edition of the Daily Source Code as Adam Curry has landed an interview with Ron Paul. That should be a good one.

I don’t know if I can support Ron Paul as I do not want to take a vote away from another candidate that has a shot at keeping Hillary out of the White House. I still, for the moment at least, am pulling for Rudy Gulliani.

That could change as things get closer. I actually do like Ron Paul’s stances better and would rather him as a president. But more than that is the whole keeping Hillary out of the presidency thing. At this point and time, that is much more important for me.

Yeah, it may be a lesser of two evils thing, but Hillary is just so freakin evil it scares me.

The link to The Daily Source Code

Now, on to other things, here is Elway in her Halloween costume!

Go here to see the rest of the set!


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  1. hahajohnnyb

    Do you really think that a person like Rudy would be the best to compete with Hillary? I think that Rudy is so marginally better than Hillary that there is virtually no difference between the two of them. If we put a clear choice to the voters good (RP) Vs. Evil (hilary), at least we will know the majority of Americans get what they deserve when she destroys America, but I really think that Ron Paul has the best chance of winning.

    Thnak you for your open minded consideration, though.

  2. Eban Crawford

    Yeah, I hear what you are saying, and for the most part agree. I want to believe that someone like Ron Paul could get the nomination, and then beat Hillary, I guess I am just missing a bit of the Faith.

    I am watching the race, and will listen to Dr. Paul on Wednesday. If he ever has a chance of convincing me, it may be there as the Curry interview will be like no other political interview yet.

    Thanks for your comment! If you have any info that might help me move more towards Dr. Paul, let me have it as I am keeping an open mind on this.

    My contact info is in the sidebar, but my email is ebancrawford@gmail.com.


  3. totallyangel

    awwww look at the little Elway all dressed up! šŸ™‚

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