RfL 2.0 10-12-07 #337 Juggernaut

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It is the first Juggernaut of the RfL 2.0 era! We have some great tunes for your enjoyment, and as a bonus, all but one are first time plays on RfL!

We say Happy Birthday to the Queen of the Court, Karmyn Tyler. We then discuss the size of her head! Didn't see that coming, did you?

We have a promo for Digivegas #57 from Paulie Podcaster. Give it a listen!


Music on the show

American Head change-Dirty


Atomic Brother–See Me Comin

Bang 76–Pieces

Deviant Breed–Enticed

God Forbid–Antihero


Other Links in Show

Happy Birthday Karmyn!–WebsiteKarmynKast

Paulie and Digivegas


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  1. Enjoyed the show so much today! I listened twice while I cleaned up the apartment…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks Angel, hopefully it made the chores a bit easier.

    Great to see you on Twitter now! Also, have a great time at the Danzig show. Wish we could make it. You guys are gonna have a blast.


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