RfL 2.0 10-2-07 #335

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2.0 #335

EDIT: Sorry I had the mics a bit too hot today, Oops.

Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 has started. We still have the same great music, but now we have a leaner format.

We have a collaboration between The Lovespirals and our Royal Court members Hungry Lucy to kick things off. Great tune!

SJ tries to figure out our new format, but of course, he gets it all wrong.

We send out some shouts to our fellow podcasters, and one, Jersey Todd even raps to us. No, I am not joking.

We have an incredibly massacred Christmas tune by a former hard rocker, we also find out that Bryce sometimes has trouble parking.

The king of the court, Miles Partridge, is here with his new band, Hipslack, and Matthew Ebel also shows up on the set list.

All this, plus even more great tunes, and the first ever production diary of the new animated show. We need some feedback, so please help us out.

On to the show!

Music on the show

Motherless child–Lovespirals–remix by hungry Lucy

Soccer girl—-Brother Love


Trees–Matthew Ebel

Mark my words–Granian

Sparklstar –Bubble


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Kanye West's Blog

Brent Bradley and Podshow Radio

The Jersey Todd Show

Bryce and Suffering from Sanity Podcast


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  1. Great show! I seriously enjoyed the other bands!!! Really awesome! We are honored to be played along with them! Thanks & keep it up!!!!!

  2. Suzie Tyler

    Glad to have you back. Great show. Lots of great music and very conversational!! Excited about the new animated series!!

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