RfL 2.0 10-23-07 #339

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You picked a good day to tune in as we have an eclectic rock mix for you today. We highlight tunes from the latest album from royal court members Rocket City riot! We also have a bunch of great, first time plays here at RfL that will bring a smile to your face.

Oh yeah, then we skewer another big-time 80's band and the not-so-good Christmas tune they put out.

We talk Magnatune and the great musician oriented way they do business. We hear from Anji Bee about the next Chillcast, and we help celebrate Whispered Pearls' 100th episode.

So get to downloading!


Music on the show

Rocket City Riot-Under the Bright Lights

Once Just–When it's Over and Yeah, Yeah, yeah

The Velmas–Past Tense

The Alrights–In a Way

Rocket City riot–From This Day

Mystery Christmas Tune Critique (hint: Ryhmes with flokkin)


Other Links from the show

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Check out the Rfl review of Rocket City Riot's Latest

Daryl Cognito at atomic Suburbia Podcast

Whispered Pearls Podcast

Anji Bee and her Chillcast

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