RfL 2.0 10-9-07 #336

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It may be episode #336, but it is Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 episode #2 as well.

We have recieved great feedback since the last episode and we thank you for that!

In the music today we have a great mix of new and old. The Lovespirals check in with a great song. We have Royal Court members Cheryl B. Engelhardt, Lorena Mire, and the Queen, Karmyn Tyler to give the show a sparkle. We also have newcomers to Rfl Sara Wendt and Whitney Steele bringing all kinds of sonic goodness to the show.

We hear from fellow podcaster and friend of Rfl Jaan from Jaan's World and also talk about the last couple of days. (I went to a horse show, go figure)

Then, we have the 2nd production diary for RfL Animated Adventures.

This is a packed show, so enjoy!


Music on the show

Whitney Steele–You Won't See Me Crying

Lovespirals–This Truth

Sara Wendt–King of the Ghosts

Cheryl B. Engelhardt–Proof

Lorena Mire–Movies in my Head

Karmyn Tyler–Drifting


Links to other podcasts and things mentioned

Ed Roberts-Looking Out the Window Podcast

Ed's KC Weather Podcast

Anji Bee and Ryan with Chillin with the Lovespirals

Jaan and Jaan's World Podcast

Karmyn Tyler's main site

Brent Bradley and Podshow Radio

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