Rocket City Riot Delivers Yet Again With "Last of the Pleasure Seekers"

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One thing that I love about doing an indie music show is finding incredible music, plain and simple. What a lot of you that listen to the show don’t know is just how much music I have to go through to find the gems that I play. The indie scene is a bit hit or miss with concerns to quality.

Keeping the above in mind, imagine how thrilled I was when I came across an album tittled “Pop Killer“. This album by the John Mark King led group, Rocket City Riot, is one of those gems that the indie scene has to offer. The group packs quite a punch, fusing roots rock, hard rock, punk, and in defiance of the “Pop Killer” title, a good dose of terrific pop-style hooks to keep you entertained and satisfied.

Pop killer was actually the bands third album. The first, “We Name the Guilty Men”, I have never heard. the second however, “Middle Age Suicide”, is another great blend of the styles I mentioned above. However, “Pop Killer” was a big leap forward. After listening to just a couple of the tunes, I made Rocket City Riot one of the first members of the Reaching for Lucidity Royal court, which is made up of the core artists of my show.

I was excited to hear that RCR was set yet again to drop another album on us, again from Magnatune. I was also just a bit apprehensive. “Pop Killer” was so good, I wondered how the new release would stack up.

Well, my excitement was justified, the new album, “Last of the Pleasure Seekers”, delivers in spades. This release is just over 41 minutes of sonic goodness. Just listening to the opening chords of “Under the Bright Lights” sets the tone. From the power chords that start the song to the brilliant break of acoustic guitar right before the verses kick in, you get the idea that RCR has yet again made a big leap. The arrangement in these tunes is impeccable.

It goes without saying that John Mark King is setting himself up as one of the best songwriters in the indie , as well as mainstream scene, right now. The energy from the songs, whether the outright rockers or the more mellow ditties, comes across in a visceral way.

It is that visceral nature of RCR’s music that takes this group to the top of the indie heap. Listening to a tune such as “All the Way Down” showcase that even the mellow tunes keep up the flow and energy of this great album.

The track listing is as follows

01–Under The Bright Lights- (3:19)
02–See It Through- (2:49)
03–Believe In Me- (4:28)
04–From This Day- (3:48)
05–All The Way Down- (3:28)
06–Inside My Head- (2:27)
07–Killing Me- (1:55)
08–All I Got- (2:46)
09–Die Today- (4:34)
10–In My Bones- (4:08)
11–Lost Then Found- (2:46)
12–Cut Me Out- (4:42)

This album, “Last of the Pleasure Seekers”, is available from Magnatune, along with “Pop Killer” and “Middle Age Suicide”. The great thing about Magnatune is that the artists get 50% of the album sale, and you can choose the price you pay. (remember when selecting the price, keep the artists 50% in mind and pay a fair amount)

Not only do you get the choice of a download or a hard copy of the music, but you can share three downloads with friends to help spread the word of the great music offered. (hopefully more labels will one day adopt this great model, for the good of the industry)

Bottom line is this, you cannot go wrong with this great album! Get a copy for yourself, and remember, the hollidays are right around the corner.

Rocket City Riot keep on delivering, and that is a great thing for music lovers!


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