I always do this. Just about everything that I have done online has started with Blogger. And I do really like Blogger for this. But, and there is always a but with me, I always seem to outgrow Blogger and need a more powerful platform. This is why everything I start on Blogger ends up on either Drupal or WordPress.

Well, Reaching for Lucidity: Another View is no different. I am about to start the move to Worpress, and then I will kill this particular sight.

Don’t fret if you subscribe, the subscription will stay the same. Just the address will change for the site itself. the site will now be Reaching for Lucidity dot Com.

I will see you after the move!

EDIT** I found a way to make things work here, so here I stay. But I still pointed Reachingforlucidity.com to this location. The old EverythingRfL site is going away.

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