Well, they did get him, the arsonist with a bike

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Well, it turns out that the motorcycle arsonist story is true. 48 year old John /rund is in custody, what a scumbag!

Also, it appears the initial breaking report was pretty close to the real events. Here is more of the story from the LA Times. (may this scumbag rot!)

About three hours later in Hesperia, a man was seen by a female motorist squatting along the side of Highway 173 just south of Arrowhead Lake Road. Sheriff’s officials say John Alfred Rund, 48, of Hesperia had just started a fire along the flat, isolated, scrubby road.


The woman called police, and Highway Patrol and sheriff’s deputies were soon looking for the suspect, who witnesses said took off on a Honda motorcycle, wearing a red-and-white-striped helmet.

Four residents grabbed shovels and put out the fire with clods of dirt, said sheriff’s spokesperson Jodi Miller.

A CHP helicopter, using infrared equipment, caught sight of Rund on his motorcycle, Miller said. Along with CHP officers, sheriff’s deputies found and arrested him at a home along Highway 173 near Highway 138, she said.

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