I actually did a video today

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I have started a new podcast on a whim today. Now, don’t think this is a serious podcast along the lines of Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 or the upcoming animated series. No, this is just a simple behind the scenes thing that I came up with.

It is weird for me to do a video podcast that is not animated as I am pretty disgusted with myself on the physical front these days. If anyone has been following me for any amount of time, you may remember that I used to have the pic of me flexing as my avatar. Well, in the name of honesty i removed that. I used to be in the shape of that picture, but due to some injuries and illness, i am nowhere near that condition now.

I guess in a way I figure that if I put myself out there where people can see me in my current condition I may just take the steps necessary to get back into shape. Who knows, right?

With the above having been said, I am not actually in the picture in the first episode of the new video podcast. It is a tour of my RfL studio desk. Go figure, he he.

The new video will be out later today. I will edit this post with the url once it has been posted.

I am also recording a show today, but due to the video taking a while to render, I may not finish production until tomorrow. So either today or tomorrow, a new RfL 2.0 will be out.

Podcasting is fun!


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