I Love it When Things Come Together

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Well, just so you don’t think I have reverted to just posting videos and stuff like that, I figured I should throw out a post today. I have a lot of fires burning right now, and several are showing real signs of coming together. I love the feeling when things start to work out as planned, or in a changed way that is superior.

A lot of this I can’t talk about right now. Some things at Podshow headquarters are making me very happy, but I can’t tell you about them just yet. The Animated Adventures show is really coming together, and with a surprise twist. More on that as the debut comes together.

The new show that I just started has found a bit of an audience. I am talking about the “Behind the Curtain” show. The flash views are there, but downloads of the actual episode are going up as well. I did no promotion for this show except putting the flash up here and at the podcast site, but people are still viewing. Not in huge numbers, not by a long shot, but still enough to make me smile a bit.

Evidence now supports the fact that my brand is growing. Taking things more serious has really paid off this year. I had to stop looking at myself as a new media slacker and as a real business. I had to embrace that what I produce has actual value. Doing these things over the last 6 months has really got me, and my new media creations, back into the game. I was close to packing it all in at this time last year when I was moving back to the U.S. and facing some medical problems. A New Year, a new outlook, and back to healthy has equaled more success. (still have to drop the weight I gained while sick though)

What else has changed? I have stopped doing my internet marketing in the tired, old-fashioned ways. What ways are those? Marketing in borderline honest ways and hiding behind anonymity. I still market on the web a bit, but now do so in a completely open and honest way. I took a hit to the finances, but that is cool. My future is in New Media, not affiliate marketing. Big thanks to Chris Brogan and Justin Kownacki for comments that helped me make that decision.

I have also learned over this past year to leverage my time and resources better. I bought the book “No Plot, No Problem” last December and ever sense have planned to participate in Nanowrimo this year. Guess what,I blew it off. I have too much on my plate this year. In years past I would have tried anyway and ended up with my real work suffering and probably no novel either. Focus is my new goal. I am learning to stop procrastinating and letting unimportant distractions derail me.

Anyway, there is a bit of a catch-up on where things are right now. I need to work on the Animated Series today so I have a busy day ahead. I love it! I wanted to get a “Behind the Curtain” up but Faith has the camera in the glove box of the car, so maybe tomorrow.


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