Lions for Lambs, Why did it flop?

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Yes the title is a question, and I am sure that most will think the answer is politics. Well politics may be a part of the answer, but not the whole. Let me explain.

Even though the producer and star, Robert Redford, did his best to make out that the movie was balanced, showing both sides of the debate, honesty says it was not. The movie was very left wing, which is fine. Looking at the last presidential election, that is about half the country, give or take a bit.

But being a left wing movie, it did possibly alienate around half of the potential viewers. Thing is, in a country this large, that does not mean flop at the box office. Something else kept a large portion of the people that agree with Redford’s politics away from the movie. It is that something else Hollywood better wake up and understand.

That something else is the fact that we as moviegoers want to be entertained! We are tired of the preaching, no matter which choir is doing the preaching. We are tired of paying top dollar to be preached at.

If I hire a plummer, no matter how good a plummer it is, I want my pipe fixed, not a political or ethics speech. I think the people of this country, right, left, and center have reached that point with Hollywood.

Also, think about this. I probably have more in common with a plummer, and still don’t want to hear his take on the world while getting my pipes fixed. I read the following on a comment at another site talking about the reviews on LFL’s. The commenter basically said we would never turn to the drama clubs at our schools for advice on politics or anything else. I will take that one step further. If we would not go to the drama club for advice when they were fellow students, and thus peers, why would we now go to Hollywood where most are out of touch divas with any number of freaky hangups and an almost total loss of reality?

There was a time, before the rise of tabloid power and the internet, when stars were apart from us. That was great. We could go watch their product and get away from reality. Back then, it did not matter if, every now and then, a political themed movie came out, even those were aimed at entertaining along with the message.

These days the actors, directors, and producers feel it is their place to educate all of us “simpletons” that don’t get how the world works. We get heavy handed diatribes that leave us more worked up than before we went to see the movie.

We have enough 24 hour news stations and internet sites to keep us all on edge. We can research topics personally like never before and form our own opinions. When we go see movies and drop our hard earned cash, we want to escape the world for a bit.

Oh, and for the group, hopefully a minority, that does get their political and ethical cues from Hollywood, grow up and use your own mind. No matter what your age is, grow up and figure things out for yourself. Seriously.

Truth is, I don’t care if you are left, centrist, or right. If you talk with me with your own, fully formed thoughts, I will respect you and converse. If you spout the ideas and thoughts of someone else and thus can’t fully back what you believe, I have no time for you. I would rather be surrounded by 100 people I disagree with, but have their own opinions on things, than be around one person that supposedly agrees with me but uses the opinions fed to him.

Wake up Hollywood. If any other profession strayed so far from it’s job, there would be a shake up of massive proportions and people would be fired. Your job is entertainment. If you would supply enough of that product, we might be more open to your opinions. Not the other way around.


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  1. Bryce Moore, A Bite of Sanity


    I consider myself center-left on the political front, and while you and I share different viewpoints on various matters, the point of fact remains that we are able to discuss it in a civilized manner that doesn’t rapidly deescalate into trite talking point repetitions. It’s highly doubtful we’ll ever change each others’ minds, but the dialog becomes an entity unto itself that allows both parties to better from it.

  2. Eban Crawford

    I totally agree. If I was ever locked up with either Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olberman, I would probably gnaw on my leg to survive.

    (as for not changing each others minds, you will never get me to admit that Martha Stewart is not a doable 60-something. Robert Evans be damned!)

    When I go to the movies, which cost and arm and a leg these days (no gnawing), I want to get away from that stuff.

    For commentators, I’ll take Dennis Miller any day. If I don’t like what he is saying at any moment, which happens often, I can always say he is just a comedian after all. Thing is, he would probably agree, which is why I like him.

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