The end of Wonderful World of Danny and the Rise of Touchy Feely in New Media. Pirate Time!

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Wow, with a title like that, you would expect that I am about to go off on a negative themed rant. Well, in full disclosure, there will be some negativity in this post, but I want it to be more constructive rather than destructive. With that said, I will probably fall way short of that goal.

This week, we lost one of my favorite shows in the podcasting world. Was it the best produced? No, it actually sounded like the show was recorded in a small box using one of those old large button cassette recorders from the seventies. What made this show enjoyable was the host, Danny Golden. His cast, The Wonderful World of Danny.

I write here often that we in New Media should be the new pirates. I don’t say that just to be spouting inane rhetoric. I really believe that we should embrace the spirit of the pirate radio types that came before us. We need to be brash and confrontational, not Touchy-feely. Danny Golden understood that side of podcasting, and his show reflected it. (As much as I hate to admit it, he seems to have understood this even more than me)

I hope that Danny goes through with coming back with a new show. He spoke a bit about this on the last episode. He says that he just went as far with WWoD as he could go. Thanks for the entertainment, Danny.

One thing Danny did was speak his mind and he had a concrete, non-touchy-feely grasp of satire. Since most don’t have any grasp of satire these days, Danny also created controversy.

The biggest of the controversies would be Danny’s expulsion from the Podcast Pickle. No need to go into the why here, just listen to the last episode and his back episodes on the incident. He relates the issue far better than I can.

Suffice it to say that Danny affronted the false “Touchy-feely” kumbaya like atmosphere that rules a large part New Media and Social Networking today.

The Podcast Pickle is ground zero for this I love you, you love me type of attitude. It would be great if we lived in a world where this attitude was real, but we don’t. We are human. We have bad days. We don’t get along with everybody. And biggest of all, we have opinions and beliefs that are not universally shared. Pretending that we don’t to create a better community is pure fallacy.

I don’t mean that we should be in others faces and calling out people in nasty ways. What I mean is, for our community to thrive, we have to be a bit more realistic. I don’t spend hardly any time at the Pickle these days. I have many podcasting friends, who I won’t call out here, that also have turned their back on the Pickle for the same reasons.

I guess the reason I am on about this today is that I am starting to see this fake “We’re all just so great” attitude starting to permeate the rest of the Social and New Media world. I mean come on, it is one thing to be helpful and encouraging, and I try to be both. But lately, some of the conversations I have seen on Twitter, in Facebook, and other places borders on New Media ego fellatio.

Another thing Danny said in the last WWoD episode that strikes as true is most podcast listeners are from the podcast world. I will take that a bit further, Social and New Media consumers, no matter what form, are usually also producers of said content as well. We need to break down the walls and stop with the support group mentality. It is somewhat incestuous. We have to get out there and get the eyes and ears of those that do not look to New Media for their entertainment at this time, not those already converted to the cause.

We have to be pirates. Argh!

Think about this. TV viewing may be eroding a bit, the quality is definitely off these days. But still, when you watch a program, do you think all the others of millions of viewers are also TV producers of some type?

Notice I said millions of other viewers. How many eyes or ears does your new media product reach? They pull in millions with mindless crap. Even the best of the New Media products only pull in a fraction of those numbers.

Imagine if TV was only really watched by those in the business.

I hope I did not come off as too negative there. I just am passionate about growing New Media into a viable entertainment and information source.

We have one group of new media citizens that seems to be trying to do things the way old media does things. That won’t work for us, it has been done and we don’t have the resources to compete.

Another group is those New Media folks that are looking for profits and revenue before we actually make the cut and get into the eyes and ears of the masses. I don’t completely disagree with this as the old adage it takes money to make money is true in most cases. But we do have to be wary of putting the cart before the horse and building an unworkable model.

Yet another group is the kumbaya crowd I wrote of above that would rather look the other way and keep citing growing numbers and such, never admitting that it is all still “within the family” so to speak.

I don’t have the total answer yet, but I believe that we will have to come up with something totally new to succeed. Luckily, another group in the new media circle is working on this.

I produce for Podshow, and while not perfect, Podshow does not deserve a lot of the crap directed in their direction. There are exciting things going on that will be announced in the future that will impact the world of New Media. I find Podshow to be in the something totally new crowd and I am happy to be there.

In fact there are many, both individuals and businesses in the new media community on the totally new path. Podiobooks is another face in this forward thinking group.

So, the future is not grim, and I don’t want to end on a negative note. We have to gain a laser target focus to move forward. Just sitting back in a New Media circle jerk is going to get us nowhere.

And, later Danny, I will miss the show. If nothing else, you inspired the above, probably totally useless post, and that is saying something. Now, go forth and plunder like a pirate. ( but do come back with a new show)

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  1. I agree with much of what you said.I take a little pride in the fact that the majority of the comments we get on our podcast are from non podcasting people. Although I love all comments! It is nice when someone in podcasting likes your show.

    I think moving a bit away from the pickle was just the natural order of things. I’ve stopped begging for votes as well. Now I just focus the little time I have on how to make my show better.

    Sorry to hear about Danny. We need all kinds of shows so there is something for everyone.

    Carol from Israelisms

  2. Anonymous

    For the record, I’ve never really commented on Isrealisms before, but I’ve liked it for a long time. It is definately not in the category of podcasts that I’ve ranted about.

  3. Eban Crawford

    Hey Carol, thanks for commenting. I can see a show like Isrealisms attracting a larger number of non-podcasting listeners than most other podcasts.

    Even though you and Charlie keep the show light and entertaining, you guys do bring up some serious topics and have strong opinions that tend to get people talking.

    As for the Pickle, a term that I normally despise comes to mind, Jumped the Shark.

    And, hey Danny, thanks for commenting and putting the link up at your site. I really am looking forward to what your next podcasting move will be.


  4. Adam Munoz


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