Xmas, Allready? Behind the Curtain #3

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Here is RfL “Behind the Curtain” #3. I guess Faith and I have joined up with the holiday marketing machine. Take a look.

The file is http://m.podshow.com/media/15755/episodes/87052/rflbtc-87052-11-13-2007.mov

This is the last BTC that I am putting into the stream here at RfL 2.0. I will still put the flash player version, but if you want to subscribe to the BTC podcast, the feed for the show is http://www.podshow.com/feeds/rflbtc.xml

And the show site is http://rflbtc.podshow.com/

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  1. LOL. And I was feeling guilty for turning the Podsafe Christmas promo loose today.

    BTW: My mom has the same uber-annoying bell ringer things. Not Disney, but little drummer guys. Either way, can’t get through much more than one song before you’re ready to chuck them out the window.

  2. Eban Crawford

    Been regretting that bell thing purchase since day one, lol.

    And, whether we like it or not, retail has already started the season, so I think we are alright. Or is that just wishful thinking, he he.

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