Yet another "New" era ready to drop for Reaching for Lucidity

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What a weird roller coaster the last week has been. Ups and downs in the most dramatic form have been the norm.

I had computer problems yet again. I could not get to the wordpress version of the Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 website. No problem, I figured, but I was wrong.

I got in touch with Dreamhost, and boy are they fast. I have been a bit down on them with the recent downtime problems, but their customer service is top notch! Actually, to be totally forthright, all hosting companies have downtime, it just feels personal when it is your hosting company. So no reason to be down on them at all really.

Now, with Dreamhost, my problem was the web site was not blocked at the hosting level. Everyone else could see my site, just not me. So, since the problem was not hosting, my next stop was my internet provider.

I contacted Roadrunner, but was told that they do not block anything. After a check, it was obvious the problem was not on their end. So, the last piece of the puzzle was my very on Linksys router.

I was on the phone with Linksys for 2 hours as we tried everything under the sun to get my router to let my website through. It was a losing battle. As we were starting the third hour, the tech consulted with a higher level person and told me that we had in fact exhausted all the options. I was basically out of luck.

They did tell me, in fairness, that if “I” figured anything else out, that they could help me again at that time.

I was ready to put my hands over my ears and start chanting, “I am not in a dream”, over and over again.

Problem with that plan was that I still had a lot of stuff to do. So I put the lack of website access, and potential damage to my flagship listener base, on the backburner and move on.

I also had a job interview last week. Things are a bit tight at the moment and New Media is not stepping up the money, so a little extra is needed for the time being. I almost landed a business contract to build a social web presence, but it did not work out.

Well, the interview did not go well. Suffice it to say that since this is just for extra income, I was going for a job that I was overqualified for. I don’t need a new career, just a money boost at this time. I did not expect what happened next.

I got totally slammed at the interview. Not because I was overqualified for the position, just plain slammed. This took a bit of the wind out of my sails. A person with little to no knowledge of what I do, without looking at my resume, just out of hand slammed me. It took a couple of days to get over that one.

Well, I did move on. I started updating my resume and set up a New Media resume on the web as per Bryan Person and C.S. Penn. I have had some nibbles, but nothing concrete yet. I do have a couple of interview offers today, I have to return those calls.

So, what about the “New” era?

Well, with all that going on, I still had more to do. More stuff, such as finishing the first teaser episode of the Animated Adventures. It is done! I am at this moment waiting for a call from Cali and then it will be posted at the RfL Animated Adventures site. Hopefully that will be posted today. I will do 3-5 teaser shows then launch the first episode. I am pretty excited about this.

Good news, for no reason that I can find, my router as of yesterday, Nov. 28, has stopped blocking my Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 wordpress site. So I am doing an episode later today.

Computers, go figure.

Have a great day everyone!

Oh yeah, any job or contract leads would be welcome, he he.


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