Is The Bourne Ultimatum Un-American Like many Conservatives Claimed? I Think They Missed The Point.

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Well, I just watched the Bourne Ultimatum. I don’t see a lot of films in theaters as the cost is crazy, if they are busy it get uncomfortable, and a whole list of other reasons.

I prefer to wait until the DVD’s are released, then for less than a trip to the theaters these days, I own the film and with HD TV and other technologies, I prefer the at home experience these days.

Well, back to this movie. Many conservative news sites such as WND and show hosts called The Bourne Ultimatum Un-American as the bad guys were all US Government guys. Well, they are right on that point, the bad guys were American. They missed a very big point though, a point that changes the charges of Un-Americanism. Here is my take.

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