Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #347 The Juggernaut

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Well, as the last Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 podcast before Christmas, you may think we would get all mushy and Christmas-like, right? Hell no!

It is Friday, and you know that means only one thing here at Reaching for Lucidity Productions. It is the Juggernaut today and we have some of the best metal for your celebrating needs.

We have Lacuna Coil, Pilfa Confession Box, Headrush, Rob Freakin Halford, and we yet again play the entire Wooden Bird Trilogy from Royal Court members Where She Wept.

Get ready for the sonic ass-whoopin ahead!


And, Merry Christmas!


Music on the show

Lacuna Coil–Swamped

Pilfa Confession Box-Visions of Rosemary

Headrush–Just Bring it on

Rob Halford–Drop Out and forgotten generation

Where she Wept–The Wooden Bird Trilogy

Cloaked in Dusk
The Wooden Bird
The Promise and the Breath

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