What a Party We Had Last Night for Ron Paul

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We had speeches, we had a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party with modern themes, We had more speeches, We had Ari and Miles going acoustic, we had Hipslack rocking the house, we had a party attendee seriously challenge a NC Governor candidate and call him out, we had it all, all for Dr. Ron Paul!

Well, I was hoping to get the show edited and posted today, but I have over 3 hours to condense and edit, so it will probably be up tomorrow. I will also throw out a quickjabs, a turns classic, and Thursday will have a full Reaching for Lucidity 2.0.

Can you say busy? It is easy, sound it out, B, U, S, Y. OK, sounding out doesn’t work well with busy, damn phonics.

Now off to work on the Ron Paul episode!


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